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A Different Kind of Beauty Shop
Rosalyn is a talented hair stylist and a beloved member of our community who radiates inner and outer beauty and recognizes it in her fellow women of Orange Mound. After losing her husband of 27 years, Rosalyn found in the sisterhood of the House at Orange Mound the family and security she thought she had lost. No longer confused about her purpose for each day, she started volunteering her time to do what she loved, by styling hair for her fellow women of Orange Mound. Watch the video below to hear a bit of Rosalyn's story in her own words. The salon that Rosalyn speaks of in her video plays an important role for the ladies of My Cup of Tea and the House at Orange Mound. Our salon is a wonderful outlet for our natural creatives like Rosalyn, who love to make their sisters feel confident and unstoppable with fabulous new looks.
"I see myself doing beautiful, great things" - Rosalyn
Time spent in the beauty salon is also a special way for our ladies to recognize their hard work as they learn the ropes of the tea company and reach milestones in their lives. And for those ladies who might be nervous about starting this new chapter in their lives, or worried about something they perceive to be standing in their way, the salon at the House is a familiar setting where we can all simply relax. It's a safe space for friends to affirm each other's beauty and strength and enjoy each other's company. Here at the House, we celebrate, support and pray over each other every day. Then we return home energized and renewed - and yes, sometimes even sporting a new hairstyle!