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Blessings, Tea and Sisterhood: Phyllis' Story
“The only tea I knew was Lipton,” explains Phyllis Hubbard, who has since become a highly dedicated and successful leader in the My Cup of Tea business. Like many of us here at The House at Orange Mound, Phyllis wasn’t at first familiar with how specialty tea was grown, packaged and sold throughout the world. But also like many of us, Phyllis has gained a wealth of knowledge from our resident tea expert, Debbie Hert, and has become quite passionate about producing and distributing the highest quality tea products from right here in the Orange Mound community of Memphis. Take a look at the video below to hear more about her personal journey with specialty tea and the sisterhood surrounding it at the House.
The blessings, the friendship, the sisterhood. We're just like family here.
The tea’s quality and the skills of our team here at the House certainly give our products their flavor and aroma, but the heart of My Cup of Tea - the sisterhood that Phyllis describes - is what many of our customers love the most. We are unabashed in sharing the story behind our tea, and we hope you will be as well! We invite you not only to try our tea, but also to brew a cup for a friend and tell her our story. That would mean the world to us, and we can’t wait to have you and your loved ones join our My Cup of Tea community!