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Here at My Cup of Tea, we pride ourselves on offering tea that is as authentic and full of life as the women who prepare it. To scrimp on ingredients or rush through the tea packaging process would be to disregard our values of being intentional in our actions, confident in our work and grateful for our God-given gifts. Staying true to those values consistently results in a magnificent product line to which mass-produced teas pale in comparison.

Maintaining Natural Tea Qualities

Now watch as one of our tea experts demonstrates the difference between our specialty tea and highly commercialized tea. As you can actually see in the video, My Cup of Tea's Prairie Passion includes papaya, mango, passion fruit, sunflower, roses and strawberries, mixed carefully into a black and green tea blend. As you will also notice in the video, mass-produced commercial tea is so finely ground into a colorless powder that it loses the richness, flavor and nutrients that our tea retains with larger pieces of organic, authentic ingredients. As our Production Associate Co-Manager Phyllis Hubbard puts it, "I don't see anything in there that looks like it's from a prairie!" In the video below, Phyllis shows the difference in packaging between high quality specialty tea and commercial tea. My Cup of Tea bags are organically composed of cornstarch, and expand in a pyramid shape to allow the tea room to fully steep and spread flavor throughout your cup. By comparison, the mass-produced tea bag is much smaller and produces a "brown cup of liquid," as Phyllis describes it.

Studying High Quality Tea

This demonstration of quality is just one day's lesson in our tea education training. The video is just a glimpse into the education that the women of My Cup of Tea absorb to ultimately become part of the business. Our tea education curriculum is thorough and well-received, and it is reflected in the quality of our products. We are greatly appreciative of the donations that help us to provide this learning experience for our ladies, to empower them to produce a marketable good, provide for their families in a stable way and realize their potential for accomplishment.

Tasting the Difference in Specialty Tea

Your support of the company through purchases of My Cup of Tea products is an investment in the finest quality tea for your pantry, your office or your next gathering. Even more than that though, you're contributing to the renewal of hope and joy in a community of previously exhausted women. The growth and success of My Cup of Tea is a testament to the character of our women and their dedication to the company, the House at Orange Mound, their faith, themselves and each other. We invite you to join our community by trying our specialty tea, and tasting the difference between tea produced purely for profit and our tea, packaged with purpose.