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Common New Year’s Resolutions Made for Tea

Whether you make New Year's Resolutions or set some start-of-the-New-Year goals, most people recognize early January as a time to move forward in their lives, correct things they didn’t like about the previous year, and improve something about themselves. It is also true that many of the common resolutions are often frustratingly difficult to realize. Losing weight, eating healthier, and better management of one’s personal finances are common goals for the New Year that are much harder to achieve than we thought at midnight on January 1st when we made them. If you made one of these resolutions, you will be glad to know that each is perfect the tea drinker, whether you’re just starting out or have enjoyed tea for many years.

How to make a good cup of tea

Using tea as part of your plan to realize your New Year’s Resolutions must start with how to make a good cup of tea. Afterall, drinking bad tea won’t inspire you to reach your goals.

Contrary to popular belief, pouring hot water over a tea bag and walking around your home or office with the tea bag drawstring and tag dangling from the cup is NOT the way to make a good cup of tea. A good cup of tea requires three things:

  • High-quality tea

  • Proper water temperature

  • Appropriate steeping time.

At My Cup of Tea, we import our teas from some of the world’s top blenders, so you can be sure you are consuming high-quality tea when you purchase from us.

The type of tea, such as green tea, black tea, rooibos tea, dictates the temperature of the water. Black tea requires water heated to boiling or 212 degrees. Green teas are steeped perfectly when the water temperature is between 176 and 180 degrees. An electric tea kettle can be programmed to the correct temperature depending on the tea you are preparing, but you can also achieve the optimal temperature for tea with a pot of water heated on the stove top and a kitchen thermometer.

How long should a tea bag steep is also a critical question to answer for making a good cup of tea. Green teas only steep for 2-3 minutes, while black teas steep for 4-5 minutes. A rooibos generally requires 8-10 minutes of steeping time and some herbals must be steeped for 10-12 minutes.

How to Lose Weight Drinking Tea

If losing weight is a New Year’s Resolution you are hoping to keep, then drinking tea may be a good idea for you. As we’ve written before, flavonoids in teas called catechins have been found to boost metabolism and breakdown fats more quickly. Teas with caffeine, which are any teas that come from the Cameilla sinensis plant, can also help to speed metabolism. Maybe the simplest and most effective way teas promote weight loss is by using them to replace sugary or high calorie drinks.

How to Live Healthier Lifestyle with Tea

Also, as we have written before, teas are known to have numerous health benefits, especially green teas. Green teas are known to help improve brain function, increase fat burning, and lower the risk of cancer. Caffeine is one of the key reasons green tea helps with brain function and fat burning, but too much caffeine is unhealthy. Typically, green tea has one-third less caffeine than a cup of black coffee. Many studies demonstrate that green tea helps prevent chronic inflammation that can lead to heart disease and cancer because of its high concentration of antioxidants. And now that you know how to make a good cup of tea, the wealth of flavor profiles available can help you replace soda, sugary coffee drinks, and other liquid confections. Teas steeped properly often require no additional sweeteners.

How to Drink Tea and Save Money

So maybe you can see how tea can promote weight loss and healthier living, but how can drinking tea save money? Well, if you’re spending $5-$7 for a drink every time you visit your local coffee shop, then tea is a much less expensive option. At My Cup of Tea, our Memphis-themed tea boxes retail for $12 for 20 tea bags. Already, you can enjoy a delicious cup of tea for about .60. However, our pyramid sachet tea bags can be re-steeped for a second cup and our multi-steep bags can be used up to three times. But maybe you enjoy the latte from your favorite coffee spot and tea just can’t replace it – or can it? Steep your tea appropriately. While your tea is steeping, steam your favorite milk on the stove top or in the microwave and froth it with a whisk. Add this milk and froth to your tea for a tea latte.


Let’s face it, keeping New Year’s resolutions like losing weight, living healthier, and saving money requires a lot more than just drinking tea. But through dedication, hard work, and a belief that you can do it, you will. Drinking tea along the way to realizing your goals for the New Year can help you achieve those goals and make the process much more enjoyable.