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Two women clinking glasses.

Spooky Mocktail Recipes

Sometimes you want to elevate your cup of tea, and that’s exactly what Cheryl and Danyelle did for us this week! We’re in the spooky Halloween spirit around here, so we tasked them with concocting two Halloween-themed mocktails using our teas and ingredients we had in the kitchen. There’s a little something for everyone in these mocktails - one is served warm and one is served cold. Remember, if you’re a cocktail person, you can always add your favorite rum, vodka, or gin. 

Chocolate Chai Mocktail 



    1. Line your glass with the chocolate syrup of your choice. We used the classic Hershey’s. 
    2. Pour in the frothed milk. (Steam and froth the milk ahead of time.)
    3. Add the previously brewed Bluff City Chai tea. 
    4. Sprinkle cinnamon on top. 
    5. Add the pumpkin topper (optional). 

    To make the topper, use an orange slice a place a sprig of mint or a piece of green candy in the center for the stem.

    Ghostly Green Mocktail



    1. Add the lime slices and the mint leaves to your cup and muddle them. 
    2. Add ice cubes.
    3. Add maple syrup.
    4. Add brewed Main Street Matcha, and don’t forget the froth.
    5. Decorate the marshmallows like ghosts using the markers and place them on top.


    These two mocktails are the perfect balance of spooky and delicious and are a great way to drink some of your favorite teas. We used already brewed teas in these recipes, so if you need some advice on creating the perfect brew, check out Bretta walking through how to make a great cup of tea in this video. If you try out these recipes, don’t forget to post photos on Instagram and tag us @mycupofteamemphis. We love to see where our recipes travel and how each of you puts your own spin on them. 

    Interested in other fun recipes made with tea from My Cup of Tea? Check out our Youtube Channel! Is there a tea you want to see made into a fun recipe? Let us know on our socials! 

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