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Patriotic Iced Tea Slushie

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this festive and refreshing patriotic treat. This iced tea slushie is full of flavor and simple to make. It is even something to do with kids on a hot summer day, but leave the blending to the adults.



1 cup freshly brewed White Orchard iced tea prepared according to the package

1/2 cup sugar or simple syrup chilled

4 cups ice cubes

1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

Maraschino cherries


Add the tea, sugar or simple syrup, and ice cubes to a blender.

Blend until the ingredients are slushy and your preferred consistency.

In a chilled glass, add the blueberries.

Pour in the slushie.

Top with Maraschino cherries as desired.


Substitute your favorite red berries for the cherries if preferred.

Another option is to use a star-shaped cookie cutter to make watermelon stars. Freeze the stars and then add them to the top of the slushie, in place of the cherries.