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Razzori Electric Tea Kettle


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  • 🍵Automatic Tea Infuser: The tea strainer basket will automatically submerge the tea into the boiling water and emerge when the preset brew time is complete.
  • 🍵User-Friendly Presets: Five (5) different temperature presets to brew the perfect green, black, white, herbal and Oolong tea with three (3) brew strengths for mild, medium, or strong tea. 
  • 🍵Custom Setting: You can also adjust the temperature and brew time according to your own flavor by adjusting with the arrow buttons. Set the temp to 212°F/100°C and the timer to 0:00 to boil plain water.
  • 🍵Delayed Start: Enjoy fresh homemade tea right when you wake up by setting the tea program, long-pressing the Delayed Start button for 3 seconds. Ensure you have set the current time, set the start time, and simply press Start.
  • 🍵Keep Your Tea Warm: Nobody wants their tea to get cold. To hold the kettle at desired temperature 30mins (US)-60mins(EU), you just need to press the Keep Warm button before pressing start on your kettle.