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COVID-19, National Iced Tea Day Bring Free Shipping for Customers

COVID-19, National Iced Tea Day Bring Free Shipping for Customers

The terms COVID-19 and National Iced Tea Day probably have never been uttered in the same sentence until now. Yet, in 2020, it won’t surprise anyone that two seemingly unrelated things have collided to bring about a “new normal”. On Wednesday, June 10th, National Iced Tea Day, My Cup of Tea will begin shipping its products for free to any customer in the Memphis Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). “Concerns about COVID-19 have made it more difficult for our customers to access our products,” said Founder and CEO, Carey Moore. “Shipping for free locally means you don’t have to leave home to buy your favorite tea. What better time to announce it than on National Iced Tea Day?” My Cup of Tea has fulfilled online orders since 2017 through the online store on its website. For customers in the Memphis MSA (Shelby, Tipton, Fayette, DeSoto, Marshall, Tate Tunica and Crittenden Counties) who order online beginning tomorrow, their purchases will be shipped within twenty-four hours by First Class mail free of charge. “Like most other businesses, our sales have declined during the last few months as a result of COVID-19,” said Moore. “Our employees come to us from the Orange Mound community and are living at or below the poverty level. We want to keep them working and able to provide for themselves and their families, so we hope the free shipping will help our customers continue to support us.”