My Cup of Tea Memphis Orange Mound Arts Council

My Cup of Tea, Inc. is a nonprofit, social enterprise located in the historic Orange Mound community. We provide jobs to women striving to overcome poverty by packaging and selling high-quality tea. While we sell more than 70 different teas, our most popular products are those included in our Memphis-themed line.

In partnership with the Orange Mound Arts Council (OMAC), we are requesting proposals from Black, professional artists with an Orange Mound association to design the next Memphis-themed tea box. This document includes the details on how and when to submit proposals, which will culminate in the chosen artist having their design printed on the new box; receiving a cash prize of $1,000; and being featured on the side of the new box. Additionally, we expect to receive substantial media attention.

Questions can be directed to Mike Carpenter (

Submission Requirements

Eligibility: Proposals may be received from artists who meet the following requirements:

  • Black or African American;
  • Receive a substantial portion of their income from selling artwork or teaching art;
  • Have a meaningful connection to Orange Mound to include, but not be limited to, residing in OM, working in OM, formerly a resident of OM, attended school in OM, and volunteering in OM.

Dates: Proposals must be received by 11:59 PM, September 1st, 2021. After reviewing the proposals, My Cup of Tea in partnership with the Orange Mound Arts Council will select one artist with whom to contract for design of the new box. My Cup of Tea will provide feedback to the artist relative to the submitted proposal and the proposed concept for design.

Components of the Proposal: Proposing artists are asked to submit their portfolios electronically at preferably in PDF format with a resolution of at least 300 DPI, but not to exceed 600 DPI. Additionally, artists are required to submit a concept description for the new box not to exceed 250 words.

Portfolio submissions should be in full color, unless some, or all, of the designs in the portfolio are intended to be in black and white, which should be noted. Portfolio submissions may include multiple pages, but the page size should not exceed 8.5” x 11”. Submissions should not include or anticipate raised or 3-D-type artwork. The box will be printed flat and on a gloss finish. The artwork must be horizontal, not vertical, as the boxes are shelved horizontally.


The selected artist will receive payment of $1,000 upon acceptance of the new box design. The design will be printed on 500 tea boxes. A photo of the selected artist and an approximately 200-word biography will be printed on the side of the boxes that are sold throughout the Mid-South and across the country. The selected artist and design will be the subject of press releases and media advisories encouraging local media to feature the artist and the design.

Artists to Retain Ownership of Original Work

The compensation received by the artist is a licensing fee allowing My Cup of Tea to print the design on 500 boxes of tea and to use that design in promoting the sell of the tea. Ownership of the artwork will remain with the selected artist. If My Cup of Tea desires to print additional boxes, then the terms for extending the license will be negotiated with the artist.


To download the full RFP with detailed instructions, box examples, further information, please visit here:

Tea Box Design - Request for Proposal PDF