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Here It Is, Lord

Here It Is, Lord

The weight, anxiety, and fear of living in poverty can lead to poor decisions made in desperation. One of the temptations of living below the poverty line is available, fast, and ever-ready shortcuts. We frequently encourage the My Cup of Tea ladies to pray when there is “too much week at the end of the month” and too little money to make it through.

One of the ladies, who works two jobs and has been with us for 8 years, balances her budget most months and is proud to have raised her credit score. Attending and applying classes on money management, she has kept the lights on in her apartment and gas in her own car. She is “winning” and respected in the neighborhood and rightfully proud of it.  She pays on time and avoids penalties. Last Wednesday on her way to work at My Cup of Tea, she cashed her paycheck for rent. The rent due was over $650.00. The small pocket in her fashionable, skinny jeans didn’t hold fast the bank envelope and the money fell out in our parking lot.

Another one of the ladies has been with us only a year and a half and admittedly only recently found her trust in the Lord’s provisions.  She came to us recovering from drugs and alcohol and deep in debt. Unbelieving, suspicious, and hopeless, she often said she didn’t want any of our ladies in her business and preferred her privacy. She needed the job we offered, but not the generous nonmaterial perks of which we are most proud. Trusting God for her needs might take too long and letting Him shepherd her choices was out of the question.             

That same Wednesday, she went through the parking lot to her garden to check on her bell peppers and discovered the bank envelope.  “Finders Keepers” ran through her thoughts. “I am out of money, and God just dropped this down,” the devil said. She wisely rejected the claim and brought the money to me. 

“I would have kept it in my former days”, she confessed, “but I know now that I must be honest and give it up”.

Only a few short minutes later, the sister who had lost the bank roll appeared, and anxious for nothing but in peace and faith said, “I lost my rent money somewhere close”. 

“Here it is”!  The employee shouted.

The two ladies hugged, thanked the Lord, and rejoiced that the trial had revealed their faith and maturity in a profound test.

Here it is, Lord.  Here is a testimony that many of us, like our employees, are valuing honesty and faith over quick and dishonest gain.

Here it is, Lord.  Here is a testimony that the time, talent, and treasures of wisdom have registered in the hearts of our employees, whom we call our neighbors.

Here it is, Lord. Here is proof that anxieties can be cast on You, and You prove us able to have victory in the test.

Here it is, Lord.  Here is the assurance that You are changing lives in Orange Mound, a neighborhood known for crime and decay, and building a new community through women who call you their husband, provider, and redeemer.

Here we are, Lord.  Would you continue to shepherd us at My Cup of Tea and deepen our dependence on You as You broaden Your reach and strengthen Your grip on the ladies and this neighborhood.