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Rosalyn is often asked how she is able to light up the House with her ever-present, shining smile. It is not easy to always appear happy, but especially when one knows Rosalyn’s story of tragedy and struggle.

“My mother always told me never look like what you’ve been through,” says Rosalyn. “Just smile and you’ll feel better. Plus, it makes you look younger,” she laughs.

Born and raised in Orange Mound, Rosalyn dreamed of being an actress, but her mother channeled her creativity into styling hair, and she began working in local salons as a teenager. Today, Rosalyn is striving to grow a business selling and styling wigs in a shop on the My Cup of Tea grounds.

“I love making women beautiful,” Rosalyn beams. “Every woman has beauty, but not all of them can see it. Sometimes women cry when they see themselves after I’ve finished styling their hair.”

Somewhere beyond the joy of styling hair and supporting other women, Rosalyn’s life took some unfortunate turns. In her own words, Rosalyn was “in the streets,” – not that she was homeless, but involved in gangs and selling drugs. A turning point for Rosalyn came when her husband of 27 years was murdered.

Rosalyn says she prayed to God to get her out of the streets and found My Cup of Tea after strolling past the House several time and finally mustering the courage to ask what was happening inside. That was over five years ago.

“They believed in me - Debbie, Carey, Rick, the other women. I think about it every day. They believe in me, so I need to step up,” she says.

Whether wrapping all of the beautiful packages at the House or styling wigs, Rosalyn knows she is blessed and takes care to do her best work.

“I’ve come a long way,” her voice cracks and her eyes fill with tears. “My Cup of Tea saved my life.”