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Strawberry Lavender Macaroon Fruit Tea (Limited Edition)


5 reviews

Macaroons are small, colorful, French, and irresistible. Since we can't all fly to France to enjoy these delicacies, this beautiful tea blend can give one a sense of enjoying a cup at a French Cafe'. This blend is a colorful fruit tea full of strawberry and creamy nuances. A breath of floral lavender rose and hibiscus is added to round off the flavor profile and delight the tastebuds! Enjoy this fragrant and slightly sweet sip, and transport yourself to Paris.

What you will love about this tea
  • Intense fruit flavor from the first sip to the bottom of the cup
  • A potpourri-like scent that will make your home smell inviting
  • apple pieces
  • hibiscus blossoms
  • rose hip blossoms
  • almond pieces
  • lavender
  • strawberry yogurt pieces
  • **Contains Almonds and Milk 

How to make the perfect cup
  1. Bring filtered water to a boil (212° F).
  2. Place 1 teaspoon of tea into a teabag or infuser
  3. Add the boiling water to the cup.
  4. Steep for 8 minutes only.