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The year 2023 spelled out with a graduation cap on the 3.

Congrats Grads - It’s Been Oolong Time Coming

Congratulations grads! You’ve made it to the end of your schooling, and that in itself is worth celebrating. Whether you’re headed off to college or directly entering the workforce, it’s the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life. As family and friends gather to celebrate you, they may express their congratulations through gifts. However, finding the perfect graduation gift can be difficult, so we’ve created this gift guide filled with gifts that will delight any grad! 

For the Memphian Heading Out of State

If Memphians can agree on one thing, it’s that they love Memphis! If your grad is heading out of state, or even just to a new city, they may enjoy taking a little bit of Memphis with them. My Cup of Tea offers a large selection of Memphis-themed teas that are the perfect gift for a Memphian. Teas like Orange Mound Porch Peach, Memphis After Dark Chocolate Mint, and 901 of a Kind Coconut Almond are reminiscent of home, not to mention delicious. If your grad hasn’t decided on a favorite yet, Memphis Medley may be more their speed. This box boasts 21 sachets of tea, three of each of our seven Memphis-themed flavors. If your grad feels like sharing, they can use these delicious teas to introduce their roommates and new college friends to the flavors of Memphis!

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For the Late Night Snacker

There’s nothing better than a late-night snack when you’re pulling your first all-nighter. My Cup of Tea offers an array of yummy snacks to get you through any late-night study session, such as soft lemon, raspberry, and peppermint cookies from Maddy’s Sweet Shop and sweet tasting chocolate covered Birdhouse pretzels from Too Good Gourmet. 

For the Dorm

If you’re gifting tea to a grad, they will need a way to brew it in their dorm but don’t have a ton of storage space. One of our newest products, the Tealyra PLUTO teapot is made of high-quality porcelain, ideal for brewing the tastiest pot of tea. These pots are perfect for a tea-for-two packet so you can share them with your roommates. If you’re looking for something to brew a personal cup, the Peak Ceramic Mug is thick-walled to maintain your tea’s perfect temperature for longer. This mug comes with an infuser that sits perfectly inside of it and an extra handy lid that doubles as a coaster after steeping. It’s incredibly compact and comes in a variety of colors, perfect for a grad working with a small space. 

For the Hot Beverage Lover

Obviously, our hot beverage preference is tea, but we understand that there are so many other hot beverages out there to enjoy. Our friends at Belltower Coffeehouse & Studio design signature ceramic mugs that can only be found at My Cup of Tea, such as this Black and White Mug. A stainless steel tumbler may be more useful for grads on the go. This Garden Party Tumbler can keep your favorite beverage hot for hours, so there’s no need to rush through your cup. 

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My Cup of Tea is a non-profit in Memphis, TN that serves as an office, packing hub, retail store, and place of refuge for the women of Orange Mound. Our mission is to provide women in our community with the tools they need to thrive. We import the highest quality tea from tea estates and gardens in the Far East where they are weighed, re-formatted, and packaged for sale by the women who work here. Your purchase of our teas or other products opens a pathway for positive change and upward mobility for the courageous women who create them.

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