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Tea in its final form, with the steam and aroma wafting upward from the cup, is all at once soothing, elegant, complex, and reassuring. Until you have experienced your first really good cup of tea, you won’t know these things.

For our customers, it is our desire for you to experience tea the way we do. Whether you love black tea, green tea, rooibos tea, or herbal teas, we offer premium teas from some of the world's best and most seasoned blenders.  And we offer the format and the tools to suit your taste and your lifestyle.

For the women who work here, our mission is to provide fair-wage jobs at the teahouse to help them overcome poverty and sustain themselves and their families. For the Orange Mound neighborhood, a historic Memphis treasure, we strive to partner with citizens and organizations dedicated to returning Orange Mound to the vibrant community it once was. 

A box of tea, a teacup, a teapot, or any other purchase supports the My Cup of Tea women and their neighborhood. So, browse, buy, and if you can, come and see us at The House.


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Strawberry Decaf

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Organic Sencha

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Spring Mix Meringues

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