Gifts For Any Occasion

Tea Makes a Great Gift

My Cup of Tea has a great selection of gifts. From tea to accessories and more, we have just the thing to give that special someone. We have a wide variety of loose leaf tea, as well as individual tea sachets in flavors that practically span the globe! And in our humble opinion, no sip of tea is complete without the perfect mug to drink it from.

We’re Local

When you buy from My Cup of Tea, you’re supporting a community and the people in it. There’s a lot of love that goes into what we do, and we love passing that on to our customers. We build lasting relationships with every sip and hope we can do the same between you and your loved ones.

Tea is a Gift

The Chinese have been giving the gift of tea for thousands and thousands of years. That’s some serious staying power! Today, it’s still just as popular as it has ever been. Traditionally, tea was given as a gift with tidings of good health and long life. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other wonderful nutrients, we can’t think of anything better to give our friends and family than a delicious, soul-warming cup of tea.

Give the Gift of a Peaceful Mind

One of the best parts about tea is its ability to help us regain our sense of calm and mental focus. While most tea is caffeinated, it’s also packed with L-Theanine which works with our brains to help us stay focused and alert.

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