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Milk chocolate with nuts is paired with a cup of black tea.

How to Pair Tea and Chocolate

This guide will provide the basics for pairing your favorite cocoa-infused candy with your favorite hot beverage whether it’s for a movie night alone at home or an afternoon party with guests. Like wine, teas have many different flavor profiles to suit virtually any palate.
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A cup of hot tea, heart cookies, and roses for Valentine's Day.

Gifts For Your Brew-ti-ful Someone

Love is in the air, and so is the sweet smell of our famous tea. Whether in a new relationship or a years-long marriage, our premium tea gifts are sure to show your special someone how much you adore them. 
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Iced green tea in a clear glass.

The Magic of Green Tea

Discover the incredible health benefits of green tea, one of the healthiest beverages you can enjoy, whether hot or cold. My Cup of Tea offers a range of flavorful options, including Sencha and Matcha. Explore how green tea improves brain function, boosts metabolism, lowers cancer risk, and promotes heart health.
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Bluff City Chai tea sachets from My Cup of Tea.

What is Chai?

When you go to order Chai at a coffee shop, you may see two options, Chai tea and Chai tea latte. This blog breaks down the origins of Chai and a few of our favorite ways to enjoy it. 
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5 gifts perfect for your holiday gift exchange.

Holiday Shopping Guide

If you’re looking for a great gift this season, check out this holiday gift guide put together by the women of My Cup of Tea. 
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Two women clinking glasses.

Spooky Mocktail Recipes

We’re in the spooky Halloween spirit around here, so we tasked them with concocting two Halloween-themed mocktails using our Bluff City Chai, Main Street Matcha, and ingredients we had in the kitchen.
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